John Vlasic is a photographer based out of Denver Colorado. His artwork features landscape, wildlife and nature photos taken locally and around the world. John enjoys hiking, traveling and exploring the great outdoors and the Rocky Mountains serve as a focal point for much of his work. He has traveled to Africa, Central and South America, Alaska, Hawaii and throughout the lower 48 states. He sets out to explore and capture some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and majestic wildlife.
       John uses fine arts to convey his vision and personality. Through his camera the viewer can see into his creativity and perspective. His goal is to show a landscape in its best light or wildlife in its most natural environment. The process of photography and journey to a location become part of the art itself. Each image gives a challenge to show precise timing like the peak of a season in perfect light or an intimate scene in nature. Many of his photos are found by backpacking to remote campsites for the sunset and sunrise. John’s photography strives to invoke emotion and help the observer feel a connection to the images portrayed in his work.
       John studied fine art at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he founded his passion for nature and the outdoors. He grew up in Michigan and became motivated to capture the mood and unique characteristics of the Detroit metropolitan areas. Post graduate; he continued his education at The Art Institute of Chicago studying at the museum and living in the city. He currently resides in Denver where the mountains provide the adventure for his photography. John’s work has been published in outdoor magazines and featured in galleries and fine art shows.